Taking care of our planet


We make sure that all the ingredients we use are raw, cold pressed and organic certified ingredients. This way we can ensure that the ingredient have been environmentally and ethically sourced.


Recycling program 

It is our duty to make sure we don’t create more waste and therefore, we’ve introduced a recycling program. For every LOVEmade, MANmade or Baby LOVEmade & Mama glass jar or bottle returned to us you’ll receive Afl. 1.50 off your next purchase.



At LOVEmare we care about the waste you make, therefore, we’ve put a lot of thought into the packaging of our product. For us it’s important that the packaging per product is not only sustainable, but that it’s also practical and hygienic. We also make sure that the packaging we offer for gifts are sustainable, therefore, our gift boxes are always made of kraft biodegradable material. We try to use as little plastic in our packaging as possible.